Tips for Making Your in Home Basketball Court

Are you and your family crazy about basketball fund? Is the upcoming basketball season getting you hyped to play some ball? And, you don’t have the time or a court nearby? No need to worry! You can have all the sports fun you want at the luxury of your own home! If you think you have space, then we have the guide to making your very own basketball in your backyard! Read more about what you will need:

Tips for Making Your in Home Basketball Court

Tips for Making Your in Home Basketball Court

The Right Measurements

Get the right dimensions for your court. Make sure to choose a flat surface where it can be easily made and smooth out any area like grass or stone-covered patches in case your location is not flat enough. Be very conscious of court placement in regards to where the house windows are. Your shooting direction should be away from the windows so a court parallel to the house wall will work best. If you still do not think you have enough space for even a half-court, just make life easier and make all the arrangements in your driveway!

The hoops

Your blackboard pole should be sturdy and easily placed in the ground. The height of the hoop rim on average should be about 10 feet from the ground. You can choose shorter hoops according to different age groups playing the court. If you are building a proper court, make sure to install two hoops at each end of the court. Hang your nets, and you are good to go!

The concrete

Once you have chosen and marked the boundaries, install concrete in the court area. The poles should be placed during this time as well. Let the concrete dry, which should take about 36 hours, and then paint your court likes with either a stenciling kit or tape measures and spray paint. Remember to make it fun with home colors and logos. For a more professional court, consider surfacing with asphalt or rubber. If the work seems too complicated, you can hire concrete companies to add the concrete and even install your hoops for you.

The ball

You will need the right kind of ball to use in your outdoor concrete court. Find the best outdoor basketball at BBallWorld, your online guide to the perfect ball for your court. Choose from the top five rated balls, including:

  • NBA Street Basketball
  • Spalding NBA Indoor/Outdoor Replica Game Ball
  • Under Armour 495 Indoor/Outdoor Basketball
  • Molten GM7 Basketball
  • Under Armour 395 Outdoor Ball

These are pro basketballs that give you the perfect game experience, with smooth grip, great spring and perfect control for concrete courts so that you can practice your games with the full NBA experience. Choose from.a variety of different prices sizes and textures to see which ball is perfect for you. The site not only gives comparable data but even provided tips on ball handling, which ball works best for which court, individual pros and cons for each ball. You are even given advice on ankle braces and wristbands for specific pro basketballs. Not only that, but you can easily get the ball of your choice online through BballWorld where you’re provided Amazon links for each basketball, making the process affordable, quick and easy all at the same time!

The boundaries

This is an optional focal point for those people looking for a safer finish. In case of children, and protecting your house and surrounding areas against damage, consider having boundaries applied near the court like wooden fences or concrete walls.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your basketball, wear your colors and have yourself a pro basketball game at home with your friends and family now!