Tips to Landscape without Hurting Your Home’s Foundation

In case you are unaware, though we don’t want to insult you, the foundation is what holds your home up. It’s the basis for each wall and the strength behind the whole of the home. So, when you begin working in the yard and considering all the exterior beautification projects you intend to do there, be careful. In fact, consider these tips to landscape without hurting your home’s foundation.

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Tips to Landscape without Hurting Your Home’s Foundation

Landscaping and Your Home’s Foundation

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to make the best of your yard. We all understand the desire for curb appeal. So, when it comes to landscaping and your home’s foundation, be sure to follow these suggestions:

  1. Mulch-If you are planting flower beds or shrubbery anywhere near the foundation, you run the risk of generating too much moisture. So, rather than take that chance, just be sure to keep the area well mulched. This will retain the moisture and protect the foundation. Read this.
  2. Slope- Again, flower beds around the house can be quite beautiful. However, you should ensure that you slope them away from the home so that excess water will drain away from the foundation as well.
  3. Adjacency- Keep in mind the location of the home’s foundation. When you choose to plant near the house, you will also need to consider the mature size of that which you are planting. You do not want to plant something that will grow considerably right next to the foundation, as the roots could eventually cause significant problems.
  4. Weep Holes– Some foundations are set above the ground. Therefore, they contain weep holes to allow water that sneaks in, to drain. You need to be very conscientious of the placement of these weep holes as you do not want to plant anything that will hinder them. Their job is very important to the life and integrity of your home’s foundation. Learn more.
  5. Trees– When you choose to add trees to your property, you are certainly doing a great thing for the environment and that choice is worthy of applause. Just be certain to keep the trees no closer than ½ the distance of the size of their mature canopy width. And, if there are already trees on the property, make sure they are not going to be problematic. Get an assessment from an arborist if necessary.
  6. Watering– Water trees well. If you have chosen to plant trees near your home, or if they were already there when you purchased the property, it is a good idea to ensure that they are always well irrigated. The better their water source, the deeper they will push their roots. This can protect the shallow foundation.

If you’ve still got questions about protecting your home’s foundation when landscaping, this site might be of benefit.

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