Use These Techniques to Water Plants for Better Growth!

It goes without saying that water is significant for plants’ life, however, the type and amount of water you are pouring in the pot is of immense importance. Just watering is not enough. Different plants need different treatment of water. Some plants grow well in warm water while others in the cold water. Timing is crucial as well. Plants need water after a specific time and you are supposed to know the timings to keep them in your garden. It sounds like lots of things to do.

Use These Techniques to Water Plants for Better Growth!

Use These Techniques to Water Plants for Better Growth!

We are here to provide assistance. You will find amazing tips to keep up with your plants’ water requirements below:

Change Watering as Plants Grow:

Plants’ need for water changes at different growth stages. Plants at early stages need less moisture. On the other hand, the mature plant needs more water. Water needs also depend on the season. In the areas of low temperature, plants less water. While during summer days, water just disappears in minutes and plants seem as dry as they haven’t been watered ever. Change the watering routine with time.

Watering frequency:

How often should you water the plants? It is difficult to determine that your plants need water or not because symptoms of overwatering and underwatering are same. The best method to determine it is to check the soil. Push your finger in the soil to the depth of 2 to 3 inch. If it feels soft, there’s no need for water. However, it gives you a dry feel, water. When summers arrive, put a saucer beneath the plant pot so that water can sip the drained water afterward.

Water sensibly:

Lots of water go to waste when you don’t use it wisely to water plants. Prefer soaker hoses or drip irrigation system over overhead sprinkling. It reduces the runoff. Water plants in the early hours of the day as the temperature is low and evaporation is low. Moreover, use crystals for water retention. These crystals absorb moisture that is used by the plant roots. You can apply mulch for water retention. Let the plants take advantage of the garden area where it has natural attributes. Furthermore, keep a check on the rain.

Use hot water for wild plants:

Extreme conditions of water both hot and cold are not good for plants. However, hot water can help you kill unwanted plants as well as pets. Remember, keep the hot water away from other plants as it will cook them.

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