Great Ways to Lose Weight through Gardening

Most people today are overweight and many face terrible physical and emotional challenges due to this common body issue.  It is hard to lose weight when you have to work, manage a family and maintain a home because there are always so many things to take up your time and so little time to get to everything.

If you love gardening then the following might come as good news to you.  Gardening can actually help you lose those stubborn pounds quickly and can also benefit your emotional health at the same time.  Here’s how you can start using your garden to lose weight.

Great Ways to Lose Weight through Gardening

Great Ways to Lose Weight through Gardening

The right sustenance can help

The only way you are going to naturally shake pounds through gardening is by sweating it out for hours on end. No one has the time for that anymore.  A good weight loss product can help you shake those pounds a lot quicker and many of these modern weight loss products are also packed in vitamins and minerals that will boost your health at the same time.  Weight loss medication is also designed to boost your energy levels so you will actually feel like gardening when you come home from work.

Start doing garden yoga in the morning

Yoga is superb for weight loss and all that fresh air early in the morning will definitely boost your mental wellbeing.  Start taking up a 20-minute yoga session in the backyard each and every morning.  You will feel fantastic throughout the day and the yoga session will help you kickstart your metabolism and will set the tone for the day.

Start gardening!

This is the part where you will actually have to sweat a bit but if you love spending time in your garden then this will probably great fun as well.  Start by doing half an hour of serious gardening each and every day.  Pull weeds, dig holes, rake up those leaves.  All of these chores are great for your body and you will also transform your garden at the same time.

The sunlight also boosts your weight loss

More and more health professionals are starting to make a connection between weight loss and sunlight.  It is believed that sunlight triggers your body’s hormones and enables you to burn fat and maintain a positive way of thinking while reducing depression.  All of these can boost your chances of losing weight.  So get out there, grab your hat and spend some time in the sun.

Enjoy sports in your garden

You don’t always have to work in your garden to lose weight.  Another half an hour a day can be spent on doing sports.  Play with your family pet or your children.  Grab a ball and shoot some hoops.  You will be amazed at how much better you will feel after just half an hour of fun in the sun.

Plant veggies!

Planting your own veggies is a lot of fun and you also have a good source of healthy low-fat foods.  Focus on fat burning veggies like salad, peas, and broccoli and switch your diet to organic eating.

If you use your garden the right way you will soon see some great results in both your weight and your mental wellbeing.

How To Make Your Garden Look Appealing

People love setting their homes to get their perfect style and design to relax, enjoy with family and impress guests and visitors. However, while they are focused on their house interiors, most people overlook the need to set up their garden. Your home should be welcoming both in and out, so people should focus on decorating and styling their gardens to get a more beautiful outside look for their house. In addition, while it may seem overwhelming especially if you have no experience with gardening or designing, these key points should help you focus on ways to highlight your garden’s beauty according to your desire:

How To Make Your Garden Look Appealing

How To Make Your Garden Look Appealing

Groom your garden

Gardens should look fresh, green and inviting. Make sure to research the appropriate seasonal flowers, fruits, and vegetables that you can afford, plant, grow and maintain to give your garden more vibrancy. Find the perfect locations to plant your foliage so that your garden looks lush and full. You can even align colorful flowers along any fences, porches or walkways in your garden for a beautiful look. Also, make sure to know techniques, tools, and equipment for watering, weeding, exterminating and planting so you can keep your garden clean and green regardless of the season and weather conditions. If you have no experience with garden grooming, hire professional gardeners who can take care of your garden according to your needs.

Add some garden accessories

Your garden isn’t just a place for plants. It’s a canvas where you can add your own style and design. Try to look up different styles of gardens to see which one you like. Some people enjoy lampposts or fairy lights lining their gardens for beautiful lighting during the nighttime. Others enjoy setting up barbecues, stoves, fireplaces and garden tables for a great outdoor time in their gardens. You can also pick out many unique garden accessories like ground pots, dishes and hanging lights and plants that can be placed wherever you like to see these. You can also get mini fences and colorful garden props to line around different paths and parts of your garden to give it the look you would like.

Focus on the front porch

Some people choose to enjoy their garden’s beauty from the front porch. Having an unappealing front porch can push you away from the idea of enjoying in your garden. The front porch should be welcoming and comforting so you can enjoy a great time outdoors. Decorate the porch with good furniture that matches the design and style you’re going for in the garden.

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Gardening Tips for Small Spaced Condos

Too often, we see many condominiums with bare balconies! Condos can be a difficult place for those who love gardening. If you are seeking to buy a condominium, then we would suggest one with a wider spaced balcony such as the in.DE Condos located at the heart of Downtown Toronto. The condominium is set perfectly on the corner of the Dundas and Jarvis, which are essentially known to the Garden District neighborhood of Toronto. Think about it! You get to live in a condo close to others who share your passion for gardening. You get to grow your own garden as well on the wide balcony provided for the very same reason. The condo promotes self-expression and healthy growth through gardening.

In.DE Condos are perhaps your best option if you wish to transform your balconies into a scene from a rainforest. You can easily book your condominium now. Apart from gardening, it is perfect for other amenities as well, as it is located near many important buildings as well as the highway. So, go ahead, book yours, and start planning on your gardening dreams.

Condos Gardening

Condos Gardening

However, it might be difficult to garden in such a small space. We have some useful tips below:

Use Larger Pots:

Using small pots will make your garden look cluttered and untidy. If you buy too many plants, chances are they will overgrow their small pots. You will need to place them in larger pots anyways. If you continue using the small pots, your plants will not grow as effectively. You will soon realize you do not have enough space for larger pots because of so many smaller ones. Thus, it is best to start out with larger pots.


Plant need a proper drainage system for healthy root growth. Ensure that your pots have a drainage hole beneath them. The soil comes into play as well. If you go with a tightly packed soil, the water might not be able to drain through. Choose loose sand, which is permeable to water and allows it to flow easily. Thus, choosing the correct soil is necessary. Chances are slim that all your plants require the same soil. For instance, smaller plants and desert plants such as cacti require better drainage and so use a loose soil with them. Do not ever use regular dirt you find in the parks, you need to purchase specific pot soil.

Research your Plants:

Always remember to research your plants before you plan to buy them. Go to the local garden shop, and note down the plants you would like to buy. When you get home, research them up. See which plants will grow too much and will occupy all your garden space. Maybe, they need more sun and other high-rise buildings overshadow your balcony. Narrow it down to those plants that you can handle and that will be perfect for your condominium.

Keep a Check:

It is significant to check your plants for signs of any pests or diseases since they tend to destroy your garden and even infect other plants as well. Research up signs of pests. Recognizing them in due time can save your plants and eventually your whole garden. Always remember to water your plants. In hotter climates, plants tend to dry up too easily, be sure to water them regularly. However, do not over water them as they can easily wilt and their roots might become undone by doing so. Check on the plants daily and keep track of how often you water them.

Useful tips for wet weather gardening

Gardening can be challenging if you are dealing with wet weather on a regular basis. There are many gardening enthusiasts that find it incredibly hard to work in wet weather and say that their gardening tasks are at a standstill because of the weather. There are ways to make the most of the wet weather and to embrace your gardening in a different way. By taking advantage of the things that frustrate you the most you might just appreciate it more and enjoy what nature has to offer. Click here to learn more about plants that grow in your environment.

Start by digging a trench. This is a way to keep valuable rainwater which can be used to water your garden. There are many thirsty food plants like bananas that require a lot of water. This is good for the environment and prevents water wastage. You can also add organic matter to your soil that will act as a sponge to get rid of excess water. The structure of your soil can easily help drain the excess water. It is fairly simple to avoid any water damage by planting and growing your plants vertically. With wet weather make sure you get a reliable dog house to keep your family dog happy. Consider getting a pomsky hybrid dog.  These dogs are beautiful and completely individual. Take time to read more about this breed and which environment is more comfortable for them.

pomsky dog

Imagine the playful nature of a husky combined with the sweet and nurturing nature of a Pomeranian. Read about this breed and find out why this is the best dog to add to your household. Hybrids are becoming more popular every day.

Mulch is not an enemy in your garden. You can save valuable moisture with mulch as it is free rainwater. Mulch also reduces splashing and prevents soil erosion. By using slow-release fertilizer you will feed your soil with rock minerals and organic foods that retain nutrients and replenish everything that is lost by excessive rain. By harvesting your food crops regularly and picking edible plants during wet weather you will eliminate damaging effects, spoilage and pest attacks. In wet weather you should avoid watering plant leaves. It is said that splashing creates a breeding ground for fungal spores. Opt for better options like drip irrigation or a soaker hose.

You can also create a lovely water feature with the excess water like a pond surrounded by plants that soak up and utilize the water. Click here to take a look at some great natural water feature ideas. You will be doing your share for nature by creating a habit that is beneficial for insects like dragonflies who dine on mosquitoes. You can also make it natural and enjoyable for small birds and lizards that will help with pest management in a natural way. By doing this you will turn your garden into a beautiful and natural location where things just look beautiful with nature happening right in your backyard.

Simple Gardening Tips You Can Do

You may have discovered that you have a green thumb just recently. You want to do some gardening during your spare time and you take pride in the fact that they are growing quite well under your tender love and care. If you are a beginner and you know that you still have a lot to learn, knowing some gardening tips can be beneficial for you.

  • Make sure you know when you should water your plants.

Some beginners make the mistake of watering their plants every chance they get because they assume that watering the plants will make them grow faster. While plants need water, they may need a certain type of water so that they can grow better. Are you watering your plants with hard water? You can install a water softener system at home so you will be watering your plants with pure, soft water. If you are having trouble choosing which water softener system you are going to choose, check out water softener reviews available.

Simple Gardening Tips You Can Do

  • If you need to protect your plants from cold weather, you can make use of clay pots.

It will be harder to do some gardening when the weather is cold because you cannot tell if the young plants that are slowly growing will be able to take the cold weather or not. You can use clay pots in order to keep the plants safe.

  • Are you having trouble keeping track of all the names of the plants that you have planted? There is a good solution.

You can look for some flat stones that you can locate in your garden. Use a permanent marker so that you can write down the names of the plants. Keep the stones near the plant. Since you have used permanent marker, even if you have to water your plants or even if it rains or snows, the markings will still remain.

  • Use foam packing peanuts to make pots lighter.

One of the problems that you may have when you are trying to decorate your garden is you need help with transferring the pots from one place to another. This may be because you have placed all the soil on the pots. To make it easier, you can place packing peanuts at the bottom area of each pot before putting in the soil. This will pack up enough space without being too heavy.

  • If you have some aggressive plants, transfer to another pot.

You may notice that you have some plants that may have the tendency to take over and get the nutrients of the other plants that are within the area. If you have placed all the plants in a flat piece of land, transfer the aggressive plants in pots so that you can restrict and control their growth.

You know that gardening will require skill and patience and you may experience some heartache too along the way especially if some of your plants are unable to live. You will learn more about the different details that will help you become a better gardener over time.