Picking The Right Grass Seed for Your Garden

You may think that picking the right grass seed for your grass can be done in an easy manner. You may act impulsively and just purchase the first type of grass seed that you see. You should not act this way. When you choose the wrong grass, you may end up with something high maintenance. You will find yourself painstakingly making an effort to keep your grass alive when you could have settled for something that is easier to manage.

There are some people who choose to grow grass when they are already seedlings because there is a guarantee that they will grow better but if you are on a budget or you believe that you have a green thumb, purchasing the right grass seed can be a good option too.

Picking The Right Grass Seed for Your Garden

These are some of the things that you should do before you pick the right grass seed for your lawn:

  1. Check the current state of your soil.

Even if you pick the best grass seed depending on the usual climate of the place where you are from, the grass will still not grow well if you would plant it in soil with pH that is too low. A lot of grass grows when the soil is slightly acidic so check the pH balance of your soil before you purchase anything. You may have to hire a professional to do it for you and it will take a couple of weeks before you get the results but it would help you choose the right grass. When you think about it this way, it becomes worth it.

  1. Consider the amount of sun you normally get.

There are some places that normally get a lot of sun because the climate is agreeable but if you live in a place where the sun rarely shines or the place is normally cold, finding the right grass can be more complicated. Still, there are some cool season grass types that you can purchase ryegrass or red fescues.

  1. Get to think about the activities you will do on the grass.

Do you want to have grass that will be able to take a lot of wear and tear? If yes, then you can choose to have Kentucky Blue Grass. This is the type of grass that is normally used for some of the sports fields so you can tell that this can take a lot of beating and still grow properly. Just remember that grass that may self-mend may also require more care.

Now that you have the right details that will allow you to choose the right type of grass, you have to think about how you are going to design your lawn. You can get some Pallets for sale in Perth that you can use for your patio or for the shack that you are going to create in your very own garden. You will be amazed with how good this will look with the rest of your plants and of course, the grass that you choose when it grows.

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