Look Into Mother Nature for Giving Your Garden an Exotic Look

To make your garden look creative and exotic, you have to look around you and observe Mother Nature. Keeping your garden up to the mark can help increase the beauty of the house as well as assist in increasing the value of the house.

It is human instinct to go for things that don’t require much effort. Most of us just try to go to nurseries and get the plants you like but giving your garden an exotic look requires much more effort than that. To enhance the beauty of your garden, there are a few things with which you should be equipped all the time. These things will help you a great deal in the creation of a garden that gives you joy and makes you proud.

Look Into Mother Nature for Giving Your Garden an Exotic Look

These things are:


Without the knowledge of the surroundings or the types of plants present your observation is of no use. You must be equipped with the proper kind of knowledge to get samples for your garden. Apart from this, it is necessary for you to know about plants and fruits of a different kind for your own safety because while there are useful plants in our surrounding, there are also plants that can be deadly.


You should always have a backpack with you which have all the essentials in it at all times. It should have a first aid kit, your toolbox, some snack to munch on, water, an extra pair of socks, a power bank in case your phone battery runs out, matchstick or lighter and other things that might come in handy.

Ziploc bags:

Ziploc bags are necessary for you to keep the samples of plants and seed for bringing them back home. This helps in keeping them fresh and prevents them from rotting. Hence, you should keep ample Ziploc bags in your backpack.


People who adopt gardening as a hobby not only work in their garden but they also like to visit parks, forests, trekking, and hiking sites. There are a large number of plants, flowers and even edibles available in these areas. One can always bring back home some samples or seeds from these plants for their garden. For this reason, one should always have a multi-tool handy.

A multi-tool is basically an all-purpose tool that can fulfill the purpose of everything present in a home toolbox. This comes in handy everywhere, whether it is camping, gardening, hiking or even traveling anywhere. It is not heavy, and it does not take a lot of space like a typical toolbox; it can easily fit into your backpack.

A number of multi-tools are available in the market. Tentsandcampgear.com/multi-tools/ is a great place to find these tools. All come with different usability. To choose which one works best for you, you should review the available models in the market. Some of the best multi-tools available on http://tentsandcampgear.com/multi-tools/ are:

  • Hoffman Richter HR-100 13-in-1:

It has 13 different tools and is very durable. It can handle all types of heavy duty tasks you need to carry out while camping, gardening or traveling. The tools are made from stainless steel and are coated in titanium which gives them strength and results in their durability. It is in the shape of a needle nose plier. The rest of the tools are tucked into the handles of the pliers.

  • Leatherman Micra Stainless Steel Multi-tool:

This multi-tool is very budget friendly, but at the same time, its reviews are comparable to some of the very expensive multi-tools present in the market. The tools in this multi-tool are made from high carbon multi-tool which means that its edges will remain sharp for a long time. Apart from this, it entails all the necessary tools, i.e., scissors, screwdriver, ruler, nail file, nail cleaner, etc.

  • Victorinox Swiss Army SwissTool Spirit Plus:

This multi-tool has 38 functions are one cannot think of a single function that this multi-tool cannot carry. It weighs only 5.75 ounces but can carry out functions of an entire toolbox. One thing that makes this multi-tool different from the other multi-tools is that it is not one single piece. The small wrench and other bits are separate from the main tool but they all fit properly in the carrying case.