Landscaping Ideas to Make Your House Look like a Celebrity’s

We can’t all be rich and famous, but a lot of us wish we could at least look like we were. When we gaze at the massive facades of celebrity homes and long after their fountain lined walkways in their seemingly endless gardens, we are sorely disappointed by our own bare yards. While it’s always best to be content with what you have, there’s nothing wrong with being a really good steward while it’s in your possession.

We’re certain that Martin Chitwood, a very successful securities litigator, has an immaculately manicured yard. When you’re winning cases that provide $490 million dollars to the clients, landscaping expense is probably menial. However, most of us aren’t living that high on the hog. That’s why we have devised this list of landscaping ideas that will give your home the look of a million bucks but not the expense.

Landscaping Ideas to Make Your House Look like a Celebrity’s

7 Ways to Make Your Home Look like a Million Bucks

We’d be lying if we haven’t sat googled eyed with a celebrity magazine in hand. The serene porticos and classic ambiance of their homes makes us all guilty of covetousness. But, we don’t all have the ability to hire professional landscapers and invest in complete overhauls of our yards. That’s why these 7 ideas will really make you smile:

  1. Gradual Elevation- Texture and dimension are two key facets of making your home look more valuable than it is. Add elevated steps to the front of your home and then line them with an abundance of plants and flowers. Learn how to build garden steps here.
  2. Paths- Think about the celebrity gardens you have drooled over. Most of them had pathways. If you are creative and patient, you can get pavers, bricks, and blocks for free from craigslist and other people’s remodeling jobs. Winding paths in your soon to be gorgeous garden don’t have to cost you your firstborn.
  3. Archway- If you’re looking for elegance this is one sure fire way to accomplish it. Use it to separate different flower beds in your yard. And since you will have already installed the winding pathways, this will provide an enchanting escape from the daily grind. Check out these garden archways.
  4. Flowers- Yes, it seems completely obvious, but flowers are the big eye catcher of most celebrity homes. You can plant giant ones along the elevated steps to your front door or line the backyard walkway with them. The more colors and flowers you have the more breathtaking your yard will become.
  5. Geometry- Herein lies a common problem with “ordinary” people designing their own yard layouts. We don’t always think outside of our casual design boxes. Go with something a little more austere, think triangles and polygons for your flower beds. Not everything has to have a curve.
  6. Mix it Up- While flowers are a no-brainer, you’ve got to mix up the foliage. Try adding sword shaped and round greenery because flowers don’t bloom all year and unless you’ve added in some really cool green plants the garden will get drab.
  7. Honeysuckle- You don’t just want your garden to look fabulous, but you also want it to smell fabulous. Honeysuckle is a marvelous plant for your consideration. You can put it near your archway or add trellises along your paths to allow the honeysuckle freedom to provide aromatic décor.

You can get more ideas here.

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