iPhone 6 Battery Replacement Kit Tip

Landscaping is an art according to me because it is bringing an appealing beauty to our backyards, parks and other places. They say that beauty depends on the eyes of the beholder, and what might be appealing to you might not be as appealing to me. That is why landscapers are here, so that they can help people understand what they want and actually bring it into being.

Landscaping not only involves flowers and lawns, rocks and ponds also form a very important part on many occasions. Animals like fish and birds can also come into play. It all depends on what one wants or prefers, the amount of money that they are willing to spend, and the size of the space that needs to be landscaped.

iPhone 6 Battery Replacement Kit Tip

In many cases, people usually like to have something that they have seen elsewhere. In other cases, the internet comes into the picture, since they can research and find something they like. In this age, most of the internet browsing is done on mobile phones since they are portable, light and won’t feel as clumsy as a laptop when you’re walking while browsing on the go. That is why it is important to have a mobile phone with a good battery. The original battery will start discharging very quickly at some point, and that is a que to get a battery replacement kit.

As a landscaping enthusiast, you probably want to have your iPhone on the whole time because it is one of the gadgets that you use to research on new landscaping techniques. Imagine your battery dying on you in the middle of some very important research, and you’re out in the field. This is probably something that has been happening frequently. It is time to get a battery replacement.

As a landscaper, it is common for you to look for new ideas on the internet while you’re out in the field that you would like to landscape. Communicating with suppliers of products and even ordering for things online would also require an internet connection on the go.

There are very many battery replacement kits on the market and you could easily end up picking one that will not work to your expectations, or one that will even damage your iPhone 6. One of the best ways to determine the battery replacement kit that will work best for you is to research. The internet is full of resources to help you with that, but most important of all, you should go through the user reviews of the products.

What to Expect

There are some things that must be expected from a good battery replacement kit as mentioned below:

  • The battery replacement kit should match or work better than the original battery
  • It should not be too complicated when replacing the old battery
  • It should come with all the tools necessary for performing the replacement
  • It should be pocket friendly
  • It should not harm the phone

By reading through ready reviews, it will be easy to determine whether the battery replacement kit fits your bill.

What it Should Have

  • Phillips PH00 screwdriver
  • Pentalobe screwdriver
  • Suction cup
  • Plastic opening tool (also known as a spudger)
  • Battery adhesive
  • New iPhone 6 battery (Li-Po 1810 mAh Battery)

Replacing the Battery

There are many videos on YouTube showing how you can replace the battery yourself. Below we are going to guide you quickly on how it can be done. If the phone display has cracks, put clear packing tape over it to protect it from getting damaged during the suction process.

Open Up the Phone

  • Turn off the phone
  • Unscrew the two screws next to the charging port
  • Use the suction cup on the screen to pull the front assembly away from the back
  • Ease it open wider using the plastic stick, careful not to harm the connecting cables

Disconnect the Battery

  • Pry the metal plate open using tweezers once you remove the two screws
  • Use the plastic stick to disconnect the battery

Remove the Front Assembly

  • Screw open the five screws connecting the front assembly to the metal plate
  • Carefully place the screws on a plate or a magnet
  • Disconnect the LCD, touch, front camera/sensor and home button connectors using the plastic tool
  • You should be very careful during this process as it could damage the phone

Remove the Battery

  • Heat up the adhesive tape holding the battery so as to loosen it, with a hair dryer
  • Remove the adhesive and the battery

Replace the Battery and Assemble the Phone

  • Loop the adhesive tape with the sticky side facing outwards
  • Place the battery on it
  • Replace the metal plate and make sure that the connector cables are well fit in
  • Put the battery connector and screw it in
  • Switch on the phone and ensure that everything is functioning. If not, double check the connector cables
  • Put the front and back assemblies together and screw them in

It might sound easy, but in the case that you’re not sure about yourself, get a professional to install the battery kit for you. If you read through the reviews, you will notice that this product is barely $20 on Amazon, making it $40 cheaper than if Apple did the replacement for you. It also performs just as well as the original battery. As easy as that, you can get back to researching on how you would like your backyard to look like.

Mobile phones are the primary form of communication and even to take and send photographs. Everyone seems to do almost everything on them, using them even more than computers while accessing the internet. This means that it would be much easier for a landscaper to do so with a convenient battery that is not going to drain before they get anything done. Having a battery kit that suits will give the landscaper confidence while out there in the field, and confidence is what makes clients believe in them. Having a convenient battery kit is now almost a must for all landscapers.

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