The Ideal Healthy Menu for Your Garden Party

It’s that time of year! Spring break is slowly creeping closer, and you already have got your mind running over ideas for a great garden party and some good fun with family and friends. You are thinking of a refreshing food and drink to lighten the mood, but you cannot decide on the healthier or tastier options. These suggestions will aid in making your menu decisions easier:

The Ideal Healthy Menu for Your Garden Party

The Ideal Healthy Menu for Your Garden Party


You’d like a nice selection of appetizers to get the party started. Adding color and pop to your menu will give your party a more vibrant feel, so go with fresh fruits and vegetables that are both colorful and refreshing. You can enjoy the benefit of taste and health together, as you serve fresh hors-d’oeuvres, finger foods and salads all incorporating your favorite veggies and fruits for that spring fun! You can even skip the processed nachos and chips and go for your own healthy homemade veggie chips and dips. So tasty!


Garden parties tend to encourage lightness and formality. Greasy and tangy foods don’t usually fit in the garden party menus, so pick some light and fulfilling dishes your friends and family can enjoy the gorgeous spring air. Choose cheeses and main courses that pair well with each other, like goat cheese and puff pastries, feta cheese and cucumber rolls, and mozzarella and gnocchi. You can even add some healthy meats in your menu, like Thai chicken wontons, grilled lamb, and smoked salmon. Just remember to mix and match your menu palette to find the perfect combination of foods that suit the party. Not only do these foods add a light and healthy touch to the party, but they also give you a decadent taste of good food, so that you have absolutely filled your appetite.


Finish your garden party off with some decadent desserts that will act as the perfect crowd-pleasers. Choose some mini desserts that are fun and delicious for party entertainment, as well as easy to make, such as mocha mousse, strawberry and lemon tarts, tiramisu, cheesecake, dessert pies, apple crumble and even some healthy options like fresh fruits with sweet dips and toppings. You can’t go wrong with sweet stuff since they’re guaranteed to brighten everyone’s mood!


No party is complete without some good refreshments. Relax with some green tea, chai, coffee, mint margaritas, Pina Coladas, juice, and smoothies while you enjoy the party. For all your health-obsessed guests, give them a taste of the Isopure Zero Carb Protein Powder. This amazing protein drink powder can be unsweetened and sweetened to everyone’s taste, with a multitude of flavors ranging from strawberry, chocolate and vanilla, to more exotic flavors like espresso or cookies and cream. Give your guests a variety of options between these healthy protein sources, which can be served in the form of coffee, milkshakes, smoothies, or even just mix in plain water. While the powder isn’t appropriate for any people that have allergies or conditions against milk, soy and sodium diets. It is essentially the next best thing for any of your family members or friends who’re looking for a healthy alternative to drinks and even food since the Isopure protein powder gives you the required amount of protein you need as a supplement to your regular diet. And the great news is that the powder can even be added to your baking dishes and desserts to give them the healthy touch they need! Read more about the powder in this isopure protein review.

With this simple, healthy and delicious menu strategy, your get-together would most definitely be a hit, so go ahead and enjoy your spring break with an awesome garden party!