Great Moving Tips for Your Garden to Your New House

Moving to a new home is never the easiest task.  It is a lot of work to pack up all of your homeware and to get your furniture transported to your new home.  But one of the biggest challenges in moving comes when you also want to move your garden to your new home.

Beautiful garden plants and garden features are pretty rare and very expensive and taking along as much as you can, will help you gets that new garden going as quickly as possible.  You may also feel compassionate or sentimental value to certain garden plants and features which makes it hard to just leave everything you worked so hard on behind.

Great Moving Tips for Your Garden to Your New House

Great Moving Tips for Your Garden to Your New House

While you probably won’t be able to tag every single plant in your garden along on the big move, there should be quite a lot you can harvest for your new home.

Your moving company can help

Moving companies like Umzugsfirma Basel are pretty flexible when it comes to the types of things you want to be moved. These movers can also assist in moving garden features like your statues, fountains, decorations and potted plants. They are also willing to assist with the loading and offloading of these heavy garden accessories and can probably help you out with plenty of your favorite garden plants that you just don’t want to leave behind.

Do research before uprooting anything

One of the first things you need to do before you start uprooting your plants is research.  Research your garden plants and ensure that these plants are suitable for the new climate and ground type.  You should also check to ensure that you won’t be moving any endangered or indigenous plant species because it might just be illegal to bring a certain plant into a different region or to remove rare plant species.

Decide which ones you will take along

Once you are certain that it is legal and safe to take these plants along, you can start picking your favorites for the journey.  It probably isn’t best to take along all of your garden plants since new owner will want some form of garden left when they move in.  Moving lots of plants will also be a lot of work.

Get your gear

Now that you know which plants you are taking along, you can go shop for the right tools.  Get plenty of potting soil, garden tools – if you don’t have – and planting bags so you can replant all of these plants in bags.

Start replanting

If you can remove the plants with plenty of soil then great! Disturbing a plant’s root system is never a good idea.  Transplant your plants with as much natural soil as possible and bag them in your gardening bags with plenty of fertile potting soil.  These bags are great temporary solutions because they don’t take up much space, they are easy to remove for replanting and you can still water your plants as you journey.

Moving your garden is a lot of hard work but all of that hard work will eventually pay off when you have that dreamy garden reinstated at your new home.