Great Home Features to Bring the Outside In

If you spend a significant amount of time and attention on your landscaping, you likely want to enjoy it from more than your yard. Luckily, there are numerous ways to create spaces that help bring the beauty of your landscaping into your home. So, if you want to enjoy your garden from almost any room in your house, here are some design tips to get you started.

Glass and Your Doors

There are a wide variety of doors that include various amounts of glass. But, if you want to truly make your landscaping a part of your indoor décor, then you will want to choose options with larger panels. For example, consider exchanging a traditional door into your backyard for a glass slider. In fact, you can use a series of sliders across an entire wall length, essentially make the yard and the room a potentially continuous space.

For your front door, consider a frame that includes sidelights and transoms as well as having glass panel inset into the door itself. This can help you bring in additional light while also giving you some sightlines into your garden or yard.

Picture Windows

Picture windows can be an excellent choice when you want to feature a view without the distraction or choppiness that extra framing can create. Since the window is a large, full sheet of glass, you can create a high-impact focal point with ease. The only downside some people see is that picture windows don’t open. However, picture windows can be combined with windows that are designed to open, combining increased airflow with a spectacular view.

Great Home Features to Bring the Outside In

Bathroom Options

Most people believe their options for enjoying their outside spaces from their bathrooms are limited. However, if you create a portion of your landscaping to make the space surrounding the bathroom private, you can actually use larger windows without surrendering any privacy. Then, you can take it a step further. Fully framed shower screens in Perth provide all of the structural support you need while still having all of the visibility provided by glass. And, while having a shower with a view may be an untraditional choice, it can create an opportunity for a very rejuvenating experience.

Sunrooms and Screened Patios

For those who have some space to work with, creating a sunroom or screened porch can be a great method for creating a room with the benefits of being indoors, such as protection from the elements, while still enjoying full views of a beautiful yard. Often, these rooms are designed to extend into a garden, with three of the four walls providing sightlines into the garden or yard.

It is important to note that these spaces can create challenges in regards to temperature control. Sunrooms can be challenging to heat or cool during extreme cold or hot temperatures even if you have heating and air conditions. Screened patios can often be equipped with items like ceiling fans, but will still find more use in areas with more temperate climates.


While few established homes will have an atrium, if you are building a custom home, adding an atrium into the center of the living space can ideal for making a garden a focal point in a room while maintaining full privacy. If you do have the option to create such a space, it can be a unique feature any gardening enthusiast will certainly enjoy.

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