Gardening Tips for Small Spaced Condos

Too often, we see many condominiums with bare balconies! Condos can be a difficult place for those who love gardening. If you are seeking to buy a condominium, then we would suggest one with a wider spaced balcony such as the in.DE Condos located at the heart of Downtown Toronto. The condominium is set perfectly on the corner of the Dundas and Jarvis, which are essentially known to the Garden District neighborhood of Toronto. Think about it! You get to live in a condo close to others who share your passion for gardening. You get to grow your own garden as well on the wide balcony provided for the very same reason. The condo promotes self-expression and healthy growth through gardening.

In.DE Condos are perhaps your best option if you wish to transform your balconies into a scene from a rainforest. You can easily book your condominium now. Apart from gardening, it is perfect for other amenities as well, as it is located near many important buildings as well as the highway. So, go ahead, book yours, and start planning on your gardening dreams.

Condos Gardening

Condos Gardening

However, it might be difficult to garden in such a small space. We have some useful tips below:

Use Larger Pots:

Using small pots will make your garden look cluttered and untidy. If you buy too many plants, chances are they will overgrow their small pots. You will need to place them in larger pots anyways. If you continue using the small pots, your plants will not grow as effectively. You will soon realize you do not have enough space for larger pots because of so many smaller ones. Thus, it is best to start out with larger pots.


Plant need a proper drainage system for healthy root growth. Ensure that your pots have a drainage hole beneath them. The soil comes into play as well. If you go with a tightly packed soil, the water might not be able to drain through. Choose loose sand, which is permeable to water and allows it to flow easily. Thus, choosing the correct soil is necessary. Chances are slim that all your plants require the same soil. For instance, smaller plants and desert plants such as cacti require better drainage and so use a loose soil with them. Do not ever use regular dirt you find in the parks, you need to purchase specific pot soil.

Research your Plants:

Always remember to research your plants before you plan to buy them. Go to the local garden shop, and note down the plants you would like to buy. When you get home, research them up. See which plants will grow too much and will occupy all your garden space. Maybe, they need more sun and other high-rise buildings overshadow your balcony. Narrow it down to those plants that you can handle and that will be perfect for your condominium.

Keep a Check:

It is significant to check your plants for signs of any pests or diseases since they tend to destroy your garden and even infect other plants as well. Research up signs of pests. Recognizing them in due time can save your plants and eventually your whole garden. Always remember to water your plants. In hotter climates, plants tend to dry up too easily, be sure to water them regularly. However, do not over water them as they can easily wilt and their roots might become undone by doing so. Check on the plants daily and keep track of how often you water them.