Adding a Beautiful Bird Feeder to Your Backyard

Are you wanting to bring nature into your backyard? Bird feeders are the best way to go! There can be something very relaxing about looking at your window and seeing the various birds that are just feeding from your bird feeder. You can look at the scene for quite some time and become swayed by the scenery that you can get out of it. You may even become surprised with the wide variety of birds that you may see. There may be some birds that you are used to but there may be some that you will see for the first time.

Where to Place Bird feeders

One of the most important things that you have to remember is the placement of your bird feeders. If you are going to place it in the right place, you can be sure that this can be helpful for you. You may want to consider the following:

  • Place it where you can see it. You may want to make sure that you can see it immediately when you look at your window.
  • Place it far from possible predators. If the birds will sense danger nearby, there is a big chance that they will not visit the bird feeders no matter how much bird seed you would be placing there. You can get a squirrel proof bird feeder to help stop the squirrels from getting ahold of the seeds and scaring away the birds.
  • Place it far away from noisy areas. Birds can get distracted by noise and there is a big chance that they will not like the fact that bird feeders are placed in noisy areas.

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The New Birdfeeder

If you have never have had a bird feeder before then do not automatically think that your birds will like the bird feeders immediately. They might see it as some sort of trap in the beginning so you can expect that they would not want to be near the bird feeder immediately.

It may be easier if you have an old bird feeder that they usually go to. You can attach the new bird feeder near the old bird feeder. This way, the birds will not feel too threatened by the new bird feeder even if they are creatures of habit.

Attract Birds the Right Way

You have to remember that bird feeders can be created differently in order to attract various birds. For instance, there are some birds who love water so if you would create your bird feeder to have water, you will be attracting certain birds this way. You can also place bird feeders with various flowers since you know that this can be amazing for you.

One other great thing that you can do is to create bird houses for your birds too. If this would be near the bird feeder, birds may naturally live in your backyard and as you know, this can be a sight to behold so you will surely appreciate this.

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