3 Woodworking Projects to Try In Your Garden This Summer

Now the summer months are upon us, it’s a great opportunity to start on those woodworking tasks you’ve been putting off all year so you can enjoy them in your garden. In this guide, we’ve pooled our mastery and come up these main woodworking projects, all different and versatile – whether you’re an experienced woodworker or woodworking newcomer. Read them and let us know which project you will be working on in your garden this year!


Birdhouses are an awesome method for drawing in nature into your garden while giving you a fun woodwork project. Building a birdhouse can be planned around your level of expertise and range from exceptionally essential aviaries to expand outlines, making this woodcraft appropriate for apprentices and an incredible method for beginning woodworking as a hobby. There are likewise a lot of free layouts accessible online to make planning your birdhouse considerably simpler or on the other hand give you some motivation for outlining your own. This project likewise enables you to try different things with various finishes as they can be enriched anyway you pick. For this project, ensure that you make use of the best available saw for cutting the wood. You can go on this page to check out reviews of different miter saws as well as buying guides that could help you save time as well as money. There are various reviews on the website as well that will help you narrow down your choices reading reviews from first-hand users.

3 Woodworking Projects to Try In Your Garden This Summer

An assortment of woods can be utilized for this venture and you can pick a wood which best suits your financial plan however sturdiness should be contemplated as the wood needs to withstand the climate. Birdhouses can likewise be helpful for using scrap wood from different activities, yet be mindful so as not to utilize artificially regarded woods as these could cause harm to the birds.

Raised Garden Beds

Raised beds help provide proper drainage and an obstruction to slugs and other garden pests making them perfect to develop your own particular produce. Building raised beds yourself is generally straightforward and less fiddly than smaller ventures, for example, birdhouse. To make this project marginally simpler you can buy premade corner supports to disentangle the development procedure. Normally rot resistant woods are prescribed for this project to prevent decay, sorts of cedar are typically viewed as the most appropriate. In the event that you utilize your garden beds for producing fresh produce check the wood has not been artificially or chemically treated as this may have a negative impact on your produce.


Building a bench requires somewhat more aptitude as it should be constructed precisely to be sufficiently durable to hold weight to be used. This project again can be modified to best suit your level of woodworking, for example, including backs or arm rests or just making a stool style bench. Rot resistant and solid woods are best for this venture, for example, cedar, redwood, acacia and cypress, benchs can likewise be recolored or painted to suit your own style.