Landscapes and the Movies

Landscapes and the movies might seem like a wholly odd title for a piece. However, there are a number of movies that are best known for their brilliant landscapes. Perhaps this will help draw attention to the value landscaping your yard will have on your home’s impact on those who have the joy of visiting you in it. Either way, it is certainly a topic worthy of consideration.

We understand that you enjoy your Netflix TV Show List. We can’t blame you for indulging in the luxury that is Netflix. After all, that company provides you access to some of your favorite movies and TV shows both past and present. We happen to be pretty big Netflix fans ourselves. So, maybe you can use that link to access some of the movies on our list to experience the incredible landscapes they portray.

Landscapes and the Movies

Movies with Memorable Landscapes

Don’t be thrown off by the fact that the movies on our list are quite old. They may even be older than you are, certainly some of them are older than we are. But, the age of the movie doesn’t negate the fact that the landscapes within them are influential aspects of the stories being told and the characters represented. Don’t miss these movies with memorable landscapes:

  1. The Seventh Seal– This movie embraces scenes from Swedish beaches and country sides. There are castles and villages. The producer, Ingmar Bergman, uses the contrast of colors and scenery to represent the deeper conflicts his characters are facing.
  2. Last Year at Marienbad– Visit a French chateau in the country side. Then take a tour of a labyrinthine castle, which is also posing as a hotel. The gardens are geometrically shaped and the whole of the scenery allows for a surreal and almost hypnotic experience. Read this.
  3. Lawrence of Arabia– Surely you have heard of this movie, and it’s easy to imagine that the Arabian Desert would play a big part in the landscape. The desert’s expanse will undoubtedly capture your attention.
  4. Knife in the Water- Most of this film is shot in the middle of a lake. Roman Polanski uses this isolated landscape to highlight the increasing tension between the two men aboard the sailboat.
  5. Red Desert- The landscape most revealed in this movie is that of an industrial factory replete with visual pollution. It is this vision, and the sounds included, that make the audience feel almost as nervous and anxious as the movie’s main character.
  6. I Am Cuba- Directed by a Russian, Mikhail Kalatozov, this film captures Cuba’s varied landscapes. Viewers experience the height of tourism and the low of poverty via the inclusion of farms, rundown neighborhoods, and the fanciness of downtown. Learn more.
  7. Onibaba- In this Japanese horror flick from the 60s, the landscapes include tall reeds and giant holes. The eeriness of the swaying reeds, and the literal graveyard inclusive within them, heightens the sense of impending doom and lurking evil.
  8. Woman in the Dunes– A Japanese village, inclusive of sand dunes, is the major locale for this film. Shoveling sand is a way of life for those in this village and it becomes the means in which they trap a vacationing teacher. Fighting the inundation of sand becomes a daily struggle for survival.

There are so many more movies for you to consider, so we would suggest that you continue reading here.

Pebble Paving to Add to Your Landscaping

Paving is a necessary and wonderfully aesthetic part of landscaping your home garden. You can use pebble paving to add to your landscaping by creating features and various pathways. And, if you are careful in your placement, you could make this the focal point of your yard. Regardless, it will definitely spruce up the current look.

Professionals will have access to machinery and piping that helps them create the slurry that allows the pebbles to set properly. And, they will probably utilize Dual Valves to provide slurry control valves to ensure that the seals function properly. However, if you are going to do this yourself, you will need the assistance of some expert advice.

Pebble Paving to Add to Your Landscaping

Follow These Steps to Pebble Pave Your Yard

Sometimes the existing paving within our home gardens gets a little boring. We start looking for ways to make things a little more aesthetically pleasing, and that might mean delving into the DIY world. So, we suggest you follow these steps to pebble pave your yard:

  1. Get the area ready. Remove one piece of old slab at a time. River sand makes the best place to add pebbles, but if not, just take out some of the soil beneath the first slab.
  2. Prepare the mixture. You’ll need one part cement for every four parts of sand. You can place these ingredients in your wheelbarrow. Mix it up and then dampen it with a little water. Don’t get it slushy or sloppy. It should look a lot like breadcrumbs. This will be the base of the pebble paver.
  3. Put some in the hole you created. You can use a wood plank to compact the cement once you’ve placed it in the hole.
  4. Create the pebble design. Gently position the pebbles on this bed of sand and concrete. You can position them in whatever design you desire. Find some exciting designs here.
  5. Sink them in. Embedding the pebbles into the paver will require cleaning off the edges and using a rubber mallet to knock the pebbles into the cement and sand base. Try to make sure that all the pebbles are at equal depths.
  6. Prepare the slurry. Slurry is a yogurt like consistency of water and cement. You can mix it in a bucket until you get the desired uniformity. Then pour it onto the pebbles. Make sure you get it into all the nooks and crannies. Don’t forget to clean off the normal slabs so that the cement doesn’t stain them. You can use a sponge for that. Then let it set for about an hour. Learn more.
  7. Clean it up. After you have allowed an hour to pass, you can use a spray nozzle to wash it off. Try not to mess up the cement and sand base. Use a sponge to get the rest of the sticky pieces and excess water cleared up.

Pebble paving is an exciting way to add flare to your home garden and other areas of landscaping. You can use varying colored pebbles, glass pieces, and even bottle caps for this endeavor if you are so inclined. The only thing that can hinder you is your ability to imagine what you want to create. You can make varying shapes and sizes and utilize them as garden edging too. The sky’s the limit. Get some other creative garden DIY ideas by clicking this.

Things that are Worth Investing at Home

With the rise in the cost of living, many people are keen about reducing their costs in the home. As much as there are many costs that can be reduced in order to save money for other purposes, there are things that are worth investing in and will make a big difference in one’s life and in the home. The basics remain; a home should be beautiful and serve the main function of the home. It is said that a beautiful home is therapeutic and thus it is worth investing in the home to make sure it is somewhere you would want to run to for solace. Some of the things include:


Landscaping has a very big effect on the appearance of a home. Whether you a home owner, living in a rental unit to a real estate developer, landscaping has many beneficial effects that are worth looking into. The obvious benefit of landscaping is for beauty purposes making your home beautiful, attractive and full of fresh air. There are some flowers that clean the air by filtering out pollutants. A beautiful home is therapeutic and can reduce the stress levels.  Landscaping can also help in controlling the temperature in the home; it can provide a cool temperature during the summer and provide warmer temperatures during winter. It can help in preventing flooding in the home and soil erosion which can help in maintaining cleanliness in the home. For property developers, landscaping can help in increasing the value of a home and makes it attractive for potential customers thus reducing the time the property will take to be bought. Landscaping can help in increasing the resale value of a home.

Things that are Worth Investing at Home


This is a great way of increasing convenience and thus worth investing in. Insurance will not only save you in time of emergencies and accidents but will help you reach your financial goals through saving.  There are some policies that allow you to save for your financial goal. The most common policy covers are car insurance; health insurance, education cover, and retirement cover, there are still many other policies. They may include: life cover, employment cover, and high value assets cover among many others. There are many insurance companies and they all have different policies that come in different packages. Different companies all have different packages and thus its worth doing comparisons in order to get the best package. There are however many companies that only deal with one policy while there are some companies that have different packages. If you reside in Memphis, Tennessee, there are many insurance companies and agencies with different packages; one of best companies is Hudson agency Insurance. If you need car insurance in Memphis, read this first to gain a deeper insight on car insurance policy.

Interior Décor

A house is defined by its interiors. Since we spend more time in the interior of the house than the exterior, a beautiful interior is worth investing at. Most of the time the interior décor reflects the personality of the occupants of the house as most of the time people choose decors that reflects on their tastes and preferences. The base of the interiors is the finishing on the house. This includes the colors used and the kind of floor. The amount of light entering a room is an important consideration in choosing the décor.  The size of the house will also define the décor that will be used. Colors have different effects on rooms; dark colors make rooms look smaller while bright colors make the room look bigger. Hence one should be very careful in choosing the color as it has a great impact. One of the major parts of interior is the furniture used. High quality furniture is worth investing in because it will last long and will give the house a polished look. Basically high quality furniture has been well made with attention to details to make sure that everything is well articulated. Other furnishings such as curtains and draping as well as a carpet will have a major effect on how the house will turn out. Wall hangings and decors are also important in interior décor. There is a variety of things that can be used for wall hangings and decors it all depends on taste and preference as well as the theme of the house.

Good lighting

Some homes are lucky to have proper natural lighting while in some additional lighting should be added. This is something worth investing in as it will not only change the look of the house but the feel of the house. Good lighting will even make your interior décor look good. There are pendant lights, chandeliers and lamp shades that are a good investment to look into. There are many kinds that can be used depending on the theme of the house and the personality of the home.

House plants

A good houseplant will not only make the house more beautiful but it brings a calming effect that will make you to feel more peaceful while in the house. Not only will you enjoy the beauty and calming effect but it helps in cleaning the air. There are thousands of houseplants and they are all different, some may be harmful thus it is worth knowing what plant you are bringing in your home especially if you have pets.


Knowledge is power and because of that reason we should all invest in knowledge through books. Books will expand your knowledge across different fields and give life hacks that you would need in different scenarios. Research has it that the smartest people read books, the day we stoop learning is the day we stop growing. Books are an expensive investment that has great benefits in the long run. With the digital age you can get books in soft so you don’t have to worry about the books filling up your house. There are many e-book readers such as kindle where you can get and read your books as well as have a library of your books.

Good Pet

It is good to at least own a pet in a home. Pets have a way of making us feel better and keep stress at bay. There are some people who are reserved about owning pets as they assume all pets are high maintenance. The good news is that there are many pets and some of them are very low maintenance. Not everyone should own a dog, but can also own a cat, gold fish, and parrot, among many others. Different animals have different personalities. When it comes to dogs there are very many breeds and they all have their behavior pattern. And so it is likely that one will get a dog that will be a personality match. Not only will dogs make us happier but they will also help us to exercise and give us a feel of entitlement.

Quality appliances

It is quite obvious that every home has appliances but in some cases not all may be of high quality.  High quality appliances will provide efficiency in use of the appliances and will also last longer. There are a thousand appliances that can be used but there are others which will provide more convenience than others. They may include a vacuum cleaner and a lawn mower. Instead of hiring a cleaning company to clean the house or cleaning the normal way without reaching the hard to reach places, with a vacuum cleaner you will do the job at the comfort of your home. With a lawn mower you can take care or your lawns to make sure they are well maintained without having to hire someone to do the job.

Organic garden

If space allows it, it is worth having an organic garden. We all know the benefits that come with organic garden. You will get fresh organic foods that you are sure are free from harsh chemicals and thus will hence lead to a healthier you. With an organic garden you can grow fresh vegetables which you can get fresh vegetables for your salad at your convenience. The organic garden will give you organic products that you can even sell and get an income. There are companies that are committed to organic farming and will give you tips on how to successfully do it if you are a beginner.


There are a million things that are worth investing at. What ticks for one may not necessarily tick for the other, it depends. Priorities we set and personalities have a major influence on the decision that will be made regarding what is worth investing in. It’s only a matter of time and one will know what they really like and what they would prefer or opt for. Investing in a good thing will lead to a more comfortable life and give us a sense of fulfilment. It may be compared to investing in good hobby.

iPhone 6 Battery Replacement Kit Tip

Landscaping is an art according to me because it is bringing an appealing beauty to our backyards, parks and other places. They say that beauty depends on the eyes of the beholder, and what might be appealing to you might not be as appealing to me. That is why landscapers are here, so that they can help people understand what they want and actually bring it into being.

Landscaping not only involves flowers and lawns, rocks and ponds also form a very important part on many occasions. Animals like fish and birds can also come into play. It all depends on what one wants or prefers, the amount of money that they are willing to spend, and the size of the space that needs to be landscaped.

iPhone 6 Battery Replacement Kit Tip

In many cases, people usually like to have something that they have seen elsewhere. In other cases, the internet comes into the picture, since they can research and find something they like. In this age, most of the internet browsing is done on mobile phones since they are portable, light and won’t feel as clumsy as a laptop when you’re walking while browsing on the go. That is why it is important to have a mobile phone with a good battery. The original battery will start discharging very quickly at some point, and that is a que to get a battery replacement kit.

As a landscaping enthusiast, you probably want to have your iPhone on the whole time because it is one of the gadgets that you use to research on new landscaping techniques. Imagine your battery dying on you in the middle of some very important research, and you’re out in the field. This is probably something that has been happening frequently. It is time to get a battery replacement.

As a landscaper, it is common for you to look for new ideas on the internet while you’re out in the field that you would like to landscape. Communicating with suppliers of products and even ordering for things online would also require an internet connection on the go.

There are very many battery replacement kits on the market and you could easily end up picking one that will not work to your expectations, or one that will even damage your iPhone 6. One of the best ways to determine the battery replacement kit that will work best for you is to research. The internet is full of resources to help you with that, but most important of all, you should go through the user reviews of the products.

What to Expect

There are some things that must be expected from a good battery replacement kit as mentioned below:

  • The battery replacement kit should match or work better than the original battery
  • It should not be too complicated when replacing the old battery
  • It should come with all the tools necessary for performing the replacement
  • It should be pocket friendly
  • It should not harm the phone

By reading through ready reviews, it will be easy to determine whether the battery replacement kit fits your bill.

What it Should Have

  • Phillips PH00 screwdriver
  • Pentalobe screwdriver
  • Suction cup
  • Plastic opening tool (also known as a spudger)
  • Battery adhesive
  • New iPhone 6 battery (Li-Po 1810 mAh Battery)

Replacing the Battery

There are many videos on YouTube showing how you can replace the battery yourself. Below we are going to guide you quickly on how it can be done. If the phone display has cracks, put clear packing tape over it to protect it from getting damaged during the suction process.

Open Up the Phone

  • Turn off the phone
  • Unscrew the two screws next to the charging port
  • Use the suction cup on the screen to pull the front assembly away from the back
  • Ease it open wider using the plastic stick, careful not to harm the connecting cables

Disconnect the Battery

  • Pry the metal plate open using tweezers once you remove the two screws
  • Use the plastic stick to disconnect the battery

Remove the Front Assembly

  • Screw open the five screws connecting the front assembly to the metal plate
  • Carefully place the screws on a plate or a magnet
  • Disconnect the LCD, touch, front camera/sensor and home button connectors using the plastic tool
  • You should be very careful during this process as it could damage the phone

Remove the Battery

  • Heat up the adhesive tape holding the battery so as to loosen it, with a hair dryer
  • Remove the adhesive and the battery

Replace the Battery and Assemble the Phone

  • Loop the adhesive tape with the sticky side facing outwards
  • Place the battery on it
  • Replace the metal plate and make sure that the connector cables are well fit in
  • Put the battery connector and screw it in
  • Switch on the phone and ensure that everything is functioning. If not, double check the connector cables
  • Put the front and back assemblies together and screw them in

It might sound easy, but in the case that you’re not sure about yourself, get a professional to install the battery kit for you. If you read through the reviews, you will notice that this product is barely $20 on Amazon, making it $40 cheaper than if Apple did the replacement for you. It also performs just as well as the original battery. As easy as that, you can get back to researching on how you would like your backyard to look like.

Mobile phones are the primary form of communication and even to take and send photographs. Everyone seems to do almost everything on them, using them even more than computers while accessing the internet. This means that it would be much easier for a landscaper to do so with a convenient battery that is not going to drain before they get anything done. Having a battery kit that suits will give the landscaper confidence while out there in the field, and confidence is what makes clients believe in them. Having a convenient battery kit is now almost a must for all landscapers.

Useful tips for wet weather gardening

Gardening can be challenging if you are dealing with wet weather on a regular basis. There are many gardening enthusiasts that find it incredibly hard to work in wet weather and say that their gardening tasks are at a standstill because of the weather. There are ways to make the most of the wet weather and to embrace your gardening in a different way. By taking advantage of the things that frustrate you the most you might just appreciate it more and enjoy what nature has to offer. Click here to learn more about plants that grow in your environment.

Start by digging a trench. This is a way to keep valuable rainwater which can be used to water your garden. There are many thirsty food plants like bananas that require a lot of water. This is good for the environment and prevents water wastage. You can also add organic matter to your soil that will act as a sponge to get rid of excess water. The structure of your soil can easily help drain the excess water. It is fairly simple to avoid any water damage by planting and growing your plants vertically. With wet weather make sure you get a reliable dog house to keep your family dog happy. Consider getting a pomsky hybrid dog.  These dogs are beautiful and completely individual. Take time to read more about this breed and which environment is more comfortable for them.

pomsky dog

Imagine the playful nature of a husky combined with the sweet and nurturing nature of a Pomeranian. Read about this breed and find out why this is the best dog to add to your household. Hybrids are becoming more popular every day.

Mulch is not an enemy in your garden. You can save valuable moisture with mulch as it is free rainwater. Mulch also reduces splashing and prevents soil erosion. By using slow-release fertilizer you will feed your soil with rock minerals and organic foods that retain nutrients and replenish everything that is lost by excessive rain. By harvesting your food crops regularly and picking edible plants during wet weather you will eliminate damaging effects, spoilage and pest attacks. In wet weather you should avoid watering plant leaves. It is said that splashing creates a breeding ground for fungal spores. Opt for better options like drip irrigation or a soaker hose.

You can also create a lovely water feature with the excess water like a pond surrounded by plants that soak up and utilize the water. Click here to take a look at some great natural water feature ideas. You will be doing your share for nature by creating a habit that is beneficial for insects like dragonflies who dine on mosquitoes. You can also make it natural and enjoyable for small birds and lizards that will help with pest management in a natural way. By doing this you will turn your garden into a beautiful and natural location where things just look beautiful with nature happening right in your backyard.

3 Ways to Use Large Boulders in Your Landscaping

Large boulders can be an excellent way to accent your landscaping project when smaller rocks won’t do the trick. They often come in unique shapes and sizes which can add a natural and creative flair to any landscape. Whether for practical, design, or aesthetic purposes, large boulders will add beauty and value to your property. Here are three ways large boulders can make your new lawn even more stunning!

Make a Retaining Wall

When undertaking a large landscaping project, the earth will often be forced into unnatural positions in order to artificially create varying levels of ground elevation. In order to keep these changes in elevation from shifting, a retaining wall is placed in order to withstand pressure from the soil and water that wants to settle back into its natural state due to gravity over time.

Obviously, this retaining wall must be very strong in order to stand up to the constant pressure the earth is putting on it from the other side. Boulders are a wonderful and unique way to create a natural look to this retaining wall, giving the entire project a more clean and natural feel.

3 Ways to Use Large Boulders in Your Landscaping

Create Natural-Looking Steps

Steps are often a part of many new landscaping projects, and with good reason- nobody wants to spend money on landscaping and not be able to walk around and enjoy it! You can create a beautiful and natural-looking set of steps with large boulders.

Boulders come in varying shapes, sizes, and colors, so be sure to take the time to come up with a combination those appeals to you. You can choose uneven, bumpy rocks for a more rugged look, or find boulders with flatter edges for a more uniform look. Consider things like ease-of-access, primary pathways, and safety when making these decisions.

Add a Pond

If you have a small stream of running water on your property, putting in a pond can be a gorgeous addition. Adding a pond has the added benefit of also adding the sound of running water, fish surfacing, and birds chirping. By including a boulder pond in your landscaping, you are adding an overall layer of serenity to your new landscape that adds real value!

Again, be sure to find the combination and look that works for you. Remember that a boulder pond can be an exquisite addition to your landscaping, but you have also created a new ecosystem in your yard and are responsible to maintain it. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • During initial construction, it is important to use a quality liner that is not going to collect sand and debris, turning your pond into a muddy mess.
  • Be sure to skim the water for leaves and other debris as needed.
  • Always ensure that all filters and pumps are functioning properly.
  • It is a good idea to include a bubbler or a fountain for your fish, as hot water in the summer months can be oxygen-depleted.

However you choose to incorporate boulders into your landscaping project, you will need to make sure you have the right equipment in order to move this extremely heavy material around. Hiab truck Gecko Logistics Perth can make sure your boulders are put in place safely and efficiently.

Large boulders are an excellent source for superb, natural-looking landscaping ideas. The various sizes, shapes, and colors of large boulders can be used to create any combination that you may like, ensuring a unique and magnificent look to your new lawn that is all your own!

Common landscaping mistakes you should avoid

When warmer months come along it is time to consider gardening and landscaping options. It is no secret that landscaping adds up to 28% to the value of your home. It is also an attractive task to attempt but even though some of us have really green thumbs we can turn landscaping into a disaster. It is unfortunate that with the wrong landscaping your entire yard could be ruined. There is nothing wrong with attempting landscaping by yourself and with the right research you will make it a successful project. Here are some of the most common mistakes people make with DIY landscaping. When done with care and by following a few simple guidelines you will love your new landscaped garden and you just might be the envy of your neighbors with your beautiful yard.

Common landscaping mistakes you should avoid

Choosing the wrong grass

There are many invasive plants that can really take a toll on any beautiful garden for example bamboo which is almost impossible to control. Fountain grass and pampas grass is huge fire hazards which means you are actually placing yourself and your family in danger by planting it. Click here to read more about the best grass options.

Bad planning

Planning is very important before you start your landscaping venture. It is imperative that you draw up a design of what you would like to do. Make sure that you have enough space for what you have planned so that means it is necessary to get down and dirty with measurements. It is a well-known fact that large foliage is beautiful but takes a long time to grow.

Pool decoration

Make sure you plan your pool area accordingly with the right tiles and just enough plants to provide you with privacy. Pool furniture is very important and can really bring your yard to life. I found the intex explorer k2 kayak online and fell in love with it. It compliments my pool and is also a great addition to take with when we go away for a weekend. It provides the whole family with a great kayaking experience.

Too much gravel

It is true that gravel does save water but gravel gets incredibly hot which means that the reflection is hot for your plants. If the gravel around your trees gets hot the heat does essentially get absorbed by your plant’s roots which mean another reason to stop essential growth. Make sure that you don’t use too much gravel in your newly landscaped garden.

Artificial grass failures

Fake grass is a great solution if you are looking for an easy to maintain alternative to grass. There are however flaws to this system. If artificial grass is installed incorrectly it can look quite messy. Just plopping it on the ground is not a way to go. It will look unkempt and fake. If you are looking at getting fake grass installed use the services of a professional or expert to make sure it gets done correctly. Click here to read more about artificial grass.

Garden Makeover Tips for People On a Budget

If your garden is looking somewhat drained after the winter, now is the ideal time to give it a little TLC. A couple of steps will guarantee your yard looks awesome all summer, without putting an excessive amount of strain on your wallet. These garden tips will help you take your garden from dreary to fab!

Rethink Your Space

This can be as simple as adjusting your outside furniture. Consider making spots to sit at various circumstances of the day; sanctuaries where you can get the sun and taste a cool drink. In the event that your porch furniture is looking tired, treat it to a layer of paint or wood stain and organize with new parasols and cushions.

Grow Your Own

Pick a sunny spot and make a raised bed where you can grow different types of salads, vegetables and herbs. Utilize reused timber or old beds to make the edging then load with topsoil advanced with manure. Sow plate of plant seeds specifically into the ground (close to nothing and frequently) to guarantee a supply of new products all through the late spring. Children will appreciate sowing speedy developing veggies, for example, radish while a couple of zucchini plants will give structure as well as interest.

Garden Makeover Tips for People On a Budget

Grass Maintenance

All garden features, from potages to lakes, look better set off by a rich, solid garden. Standard cutting, watering and upkeep are fundamental for the best outcomes. Utilize a weed-killer to get rid of all unwanted weeds; be mindful so as not to spread too thickly or the grass can get to be distinctly seared. If your lawn mower has worn out, then you’ll face a lot of difficulty maintaining your lawn. Availing landscaping services is yet another option for you if you don’t have enough time on your hands. If there are any unwanted trees blocking your view or causing hindrance, then your only option will be to avail tree removal services from

Planting On A Budget

On the off chance that you have made another border you can fill it with color easily by dividing congested bunches of perennials. Every old plant can be divided into a few new ones. Simply uncover the old plant with as substantial a rootball as could be expected under the circumstances. Take two garden forks, embed them consecutive and maneuver the bunch separated into new, established pieces that can be replanted. They will compensate you by sprouting over and above anyone’s expectations. Utilize yearly seeds, for example, calendula, nasturtium and candytuft to briefly fill crevices until your border gets to be distinctly settled.

Vertical Accents

Maybe a couple of vertical accents will add interest to a dull, featureless plot and help bear the eye around your open air space. Decide on a tree, for example, a crab apple, with improving bark, bloom and gem like natural product, that will be appealing consistently. In the event that you don’t have space for a tree, consider tall plants, for example, Verbena Bonariensis. This will add to the beauty of your garden.

Tips to Landscape without Hurting Your Home’s Foundation

In case you are unaware, though we don’t want to insult you, the foundation is what holds your home up. It’s the basis for each wall and the strength behind the whole of the home. So, when you begin working in the yard and considering all the exterior beautification projects you intend to do there, be careful. In fact, consider these tips to landscape without hurting your home’s foundation.

In truth, making repairs to the foundation can be very costly. Of course, you can always learn more about that side of things from Structured Foundation Repairs in Houston. They do repairs on concrete, pier, and beam foundations. And, they even offer a lifetime transferable warranty should you choose to sell your home sometime in the future. Their engineers are certified professionals, and they guarantee that they will do the right thing for you and your home. Therefore, if you somehow fail to follow our tips and end up damaging your foundation, they are a great resource.

Tips to Landscape without Hurting Your Home’s Foundation

Landscaping and Your Home’s Foundation

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to make the best of your yard. We all understand the desire for curb appeal. So, when it comes to landscaping and your home’s foundation, be sure to follow these suggestions:

  1. Mulch-If you are planting flower beds or shrubbery anywhere near the foundation, you run the risk of generating too much moisture. So, rather than take that chance, just be sure to keep the area well mulched. This will retain the moisture and protect the foundation. Read this.
  2. Slope- Again, flower beds around the house can be quite beautiful. However, you should ensure that you slope them away from the home so that excess water will drain away from the foundation as well.
  3. Adjacency- Keep in mind the location of the home’s foundation. When you choose to plant near the house, you will also need to consider the mature size of that which you are planting. You do not want to plant something that will grow considerably right next to the foundation, as the roots could eventually cause significant problems.
  4. Weep Holes– Some foundations are set above the ground. Therefore, they contain weep holes to allow water that sneaks in, to drain. You need to be very conscientious of the placement of these weep holes as you do not want to plant anything that will hinder them. Their job is very important to the life and integrity of your home’s foundation. Learn more.
  5. Trees– When you choose to add trees to your property, you are certainly doing a great thing for the environment and that choice is worthy of applause. Just be certain to keep the trees no closer than ½ the distance of the size of their mature canopy width. And, if there are already trees on the property, make sure they are not going to be problematic. Get an assessment from an arborist if necessary.
  6. Watering– Water trees well. If you have chosen to plant trees near your home, or if they were already there when you purchased the property, it is a good idea to ensure that they are always well irrigated. The better their water source, the deeper they will push their roots. This can protect the shallow foundation.

If you’ve still got questions about protecting your home’s foundation when landscaping, this site might be of benefit.

Take a Break from Landscaping

You have been beautifying lawns for far too long. In fact, your feet have been so firmly attached to solid ground you are beginning to feel rooted to it. That means it is time to take a break from landscaping. It’s time you went out on the water, where the only plants live far beneath the surface and you probably don’t know much about them. Let’s go fishing!

First, get the best fish finder. If you’re going fishing you want to be able to share lots of “I caught this…” stories. And, since you would rather not have to exaggerate on the size of your catch, a fish finder can ensure you have an honest story to bring home to all your landscaping customers. Not to mention some great dinner potential.

Take a Break from Landscaping

Fishing Vacations You’ve Dreamed About

If landscaping and plant care is your one true love, we are glad you have been able to acquire the career you most desired. But now, it is time you take some of these fishing vacations you’ve dreamed about. The places on this list may, or may not be feasible, depending upon where you live and how much money you have saved. But, if you find one that seems like it’s the answer to all your fishing desires, start saving and make it a reality. Check out these uber cool places to go on a fishing vacation:

  1. Colorado River– It is time to fly fish. You know you want some trout.
  2. Bristol Bay– Salmon are calling your name as they migrate here.
  3. Big Horn River- Another amazing place to get your hooks on some trout.
  4. Baja California- The list of potential fishing trophies here is huge: mahi-mahi, bonefish, grouper, snapper, bass, yellowfin tuna, marlin, sailfish, and Wahoo.
  5. Green River- Two different kinds of trout populate this fishing experience. Learn more.
  6. Puerto Rico– The whole country is a fisherman’s dream. Be on the lookout for Dorado, Wahoo, and blue marlin.
  7. Bayous & Gulf– Redfish and billfish are back up in numbers since Hurricane Katrina. So, if you’ve a hankering for some downhome cooking, maybe a crawfish boil, head out to Louisiana.
  8. The Keys– Here’s your deep sea fishing fantasy. You can go all the way out into Caribbean waters when you hire a boat in the Keys. Read this.
  9. Kenai Peninsula– You might get to battle it out with some brown bears when you’re trying to grab up some rainbow trout, and a wide array of salmon species. Plus, there’s always halibut or char.
  10. Saskatchewan– Looking for some seriously huge Northern Pike? This is the place for you. And, you can also get a hold of walleye, Arctic Grayling, and lake trout.
  11. Homer– Not like Simpson, this is the locale for some of the most well-loved halibut. And, there’s even a local fishing derby between May and September.
  12. Hillsboro Inlet– Dolphin, swordfish, Wahoo, and sailfish are beckoning your fishing acumen. While you’re there, check out one of the oldest lighthouses in America.
  13. Langara Island– Between Alaska and Canada, this is the place for exceptional access to halibut and salmon. However, you should not miss the opportunity to see porpoises, sea lions and humpback whales, while you’re there. Click this for more information.

You might find some additional information about places to go on your fishing vacation, or at least the best gear to take with you, at OutdoorTricks. But surely, you’ve found a number of great options here.