3 Ways to Use Large Boulders in Your Landscaping

Large boulders can be an excellent way to accent your landscaping project when smaller rocks won’t do the trick. They often come in unique shapes and sizes which can add a natural and creative flair to any landscape. Whether for practical, design, or aesthetic purposes, large boulders will add beauty and value to your property. Here are three ways large boulders can make your new lawn even more stunning!

Make a Retaining Wall

When undertaking a large landscaping project, the earth will often be forced into unnatural positions in order to artificially create varying levels of ground elevation. In order to keep these changes in elevation from shifting, a retaining wall is placed in order to withstand pressure from the soil and water that wants to settle back into its natural state due to gravity over time.

Obviously, this retaining wall must be very strong in order to stand up to the constant pressure the earth is putting on it from the other side. Boulders are a wonderful and unique way to create a natural look to this retaining wall, giving the entire project a more clean and natural feel.

3 Ways to Use Large Boulders in Your Landscaping

Create Natural-Looking Steps

Steps are often a part of many new landscaping projects, and with good reason- nobody wants to spend money on landscaping and not be able to walk around and enjoy it! You can create a beautiful and natural-looking set of steps with large boulders.

Boulders come in varying shapes, sizes, and colors, so be sure to take the time to come up with a combination those appeals to you. You can choose uneven, bumpy rocks for a more rugged look, or find boulders with flatter edges for a more uniform look. Consider things like ease-of-access, primary pathways, and safety when making these decisions.

Add a Pond

If you have a small stream of running water on your property, putting in a pond can be a gorgeous addition. Adding a pond has the added benefit of also adding the sound of running water, fish surfacing, and birds chirping. By including a boulder pond in your landscaping, you are adding an overall layer of serenity to your new landscape that adds real value!

Again, be sure to find the combination and look that works for you. Remember that a boulder pond can be an exquisite addition to your landscaping, but you have also created a new ecosystem in your yard and are responsible to maintain it. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • During initial construction, it is important to use a quality liner that is not going to collect sand and debris, turning your pond into a muddy mess.
  • Be sure to skim the water for leaves and other debris as needed.
  • Always ensure that all filters and pumps are functioning properly.
  • It is a good idea to include a bubbler or a fountain for your fish, as hot water in the summer months can be oxygen-depleted.

However you choose to incorporate boulders into your landscaping project, you will need to make sure you have the right equipment in order to move this extremely heavy material around. Hiab truck Gecko Logistics Perth can make sure your boulders are put in place safely and efficiently.

Large boulders are an excellent source for superb, natural-looking landscaping ideas. The various sizes, shapes, and colors of large boulders can be used to create any combination that you may like, ensuring a unique and magnificent look to your new lawn that is all your own!

Common landscaping mistakes you should avoid

When warmer months come along it is time to consider gardening and landscaping options. It is no secret that landscaping adds up to 28% to the value of your home. It is also an attractive task to attempt but even though some of us have really green thumbs we can turn landscaping into a disaster. It is unfortunate that with the wrong landscaping your entire yard could be ruined. There is nothing wrong with attempting landscaping by yourself and with the right research you will make it a successful project. Here are some of the most common mistakes people make with DIY landscaping. When done with care and by following a few simple guidelines you will love your new landscaped garden and you just might be the envy of your neighbors with your beautiful yard.

Common landscaping mistakes you should avoid

Choosing the wrong grass

There are many invasive plants that can really take a toll on any beautiful garden for example bamboo which is almost impossible to control. Fountain grass and pampas grass is huge fire hazards which means you are actually placing yourself and your family in danger by planting it. Click here to read more about the best grass options.

Bad planning

Planning is very important before you start your landscaping venture. It is imperative that you draw up a design of what you would like to do. Make sure that you have enough space for what you have planned so that means it is necessary to get down and dirty with measurements. It is a well-known fact that large foliage is beautiful but takes a long time to grow.

Pool decoration

Make sure you plan your pool area accordingly with the right tiles and just enough plants to provide you with privacy. Pool furniture is very important and can really bring your yard to life. I found the intex explorer k2 kayak online and fell in love with it. It compliments my pool and is also a great addition to take with when we go away for a weekend. It provides the whole family with a great kayaking experience.

Too much gravel

It is true that gravel does save water but gravel gets incredibly hot which means that the reflection is hot for your plants. If the gravel around your trees gets hot the heat does essentially get absorbed by your plant’s roots which mean another reason to stop essential growth. Make sure that you don’t use too much gravel in your newly landscaped garden.

Artificial grass failures

Fake grass is a great solution if you are looking for an easy to maintain alternative to grass. There are however flaws to this system. If artificial grass is installed incorrectly it can look quite messy. Just plopping it on the ground is not a way to go. It will look unkempt and fake. If you are looking at getting fake grass installed use the services of a professional or expert to make sure it gets done correctly. Click here to read more about artificial grass.

Garden Makeover Tips for People On a Budget

If your garden is looking somewhat drained after the winter, now is the ideal time to give it a little TLC. A couple of steps will guarantee your yard looks awesome all summer, without putting an excessive amount of strain on your wallet. These garden tips will help you take your garden from dreary to fab!

Rethink Your Space

This can be as simple as adjusting your outside furniture. Consider making spots to sit at various circumstances of the day; sanctuaries where you can get the sun and taste a cool drink. In the event that your porch furniture is looking tired, treat it to a layer of paint or wood stain and organize with new parasols and cushions.

Grow Your Own

Pick a sunny spot and make a raised bed where you can grow different types of salads, vegetables and herbs. Utilize reused timber or old beds to make the edging then load with topsoil advanced with manure. Sow plate of plant seeds specifically into the ground (close to nothing and frequently) to guarantee a supply of new products all through the late spring. Children will appreciate sowing speedy developing veggies, for example, radish while a couple of zucchini plants will give structure as well as interest.

Garden Makeover Tips for People On a Budget

Grass Maintenance

All garden features, from potages to lakes, look better set off by a rich, solid garden. Standard cutting, watering and upkeep are fundamental for the best outcomes. Utilize a weed-killer to get rid of all unwanted weeds; be mindful so as not to spread too thickly or the grass can get to be distinctly seared. If your lawn mower has worn out, then you’ll face a lot of difficulty maintaining your lawn. Availing landscaping services is yet another option for you if you don’t have enough time on your hands. If there are any unwanted trees blocking your view or causing hindrance, then your only option will be to avail tree removal services from http://pertharborservices.com.au.

Planting On A Budget

On the off chance that you have made another border you can fill it with color easily by dividing congested bunches of perennials. Every old plant can be divided into a few new ones. Simply uncover the old plant with as substantial a rootball as could be expected under the circumstances. Take two garden forks, embed them consecutive and maneuver the bunch separated into new, established pieces that can be replanted. They will compensate you by sprouting over and above anyone’s expectations. Utilize yearly seeds, for example, calendula, nasturtium and candytuft to briefly fill crevices until your border gets to be distinctly settled.

Vertical Accents

Maybe a couple of vertical accents will add interest to a dull, featureless plot and help bear the eye around your open air space. Decide on a tree, for example, a crab apple, with improving bark, bloom and gem like natural product, that will be appealing consistently. In the event that you don’t have space for a tree, consider tall plants, for example, Verbena Bonariensis. This will add to the beauty of your garden.

Tips to Landscape without Hurting Your Home’s Foundation

In case you are unaware, though we don’t want to insult you, the foundation is what holds your home up. It’s the basis for each wall and the strength behind the whole of the home. So, when you begin working in the yard and considering all the exterior beautification projects you intend to do there, be careful. In fact, consider these tips to landscape without hurting your home’s foundation.

In truth, making repairs to the foundation can be very costly. Of course, you can always learn more about that side of things from Structured Foundation Repairs in Houston. They do repairs on concrete, pier, and beam foundations. And, they even offer a lifetime transferable warranty should you choose to sell your home sometime in the future. Their engineers are certified professionals, and they guarantee that they will do the right thing for you and your home. Therefore, if you somehow fail to follow our tips and end up damaging your foundation, they are a great resource.

Tips to Landscape without Hurting Your Home’s Foundation

Landscaping and Your Home’s Foundation

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to make the best of your yard. We all understand the desire for curb appeal. So, when it comes to landscaping and your home’s foundation, be sure to follow these suggestions:

  1. Mulch-If you are planting flower beds or shrubbery anywhere near the foundation, you run the risk of generating too much moisture. So, rather than take that chance, just be sure to keep the area well mulched. This will retain the moisture and protect the foundation. Read this.
  2. Slope- Again, flower beds around the house can be quite beautiful. However, you should ensure that you slope them away from the home so that excess water will drain away from the foundation as well.
  3. Adjacency- Keep in mind the location of the home’s foundation. When you choose to plant near the house, you will also need to consider the mature size of that which you are planting. You do not want to plant something that will grow considerably right next to the foundation, as the roots could eventually cause significant problems.
  4. Weep Holes– Some foundations are set above the ground. Therefore, they contain weep holes to allow water that sneaks in, to drain. You need to be very conscientious of the placement of these weep holes as you do not want to plant anything that will hinder them. Their job is very important to the life and integrity of your home’s foundation. Learn more.
  5. Trees– When you choose to add trees to your property, you are certainly doing a great thing for the environment and that choice is worthy of applause. Just be certain to keep the trees no closer than ½ the distance of the size of their mature canopy width. And, if there are already trees on the property, make sure they are not going to be problematic. Get an assessment from an arborist if necessary.
  6. Watering– Water trees well. If you have chosen to plant trees near your home, or if they were already there when you purchased the property, it is a good idea to ensure that they are always well irrigated. The better their water source, the deeper they will push their roots. This can protect the shallow foundation.

If you’ve still got questions about protecting your home’s foundation when landscaping, this site might be of benefit.

Take a Break from Landscaping

You have been beautifying lawns for far too long. In fact, your feet have been so firmly attached to solid ground you are beginning to feel rooted to it. That means it is time to take a break from landscaping. It’s time you went out on the water, where the only plants live far beneath the surface and you probably don’t know much about them. Let’s go fishing!

First, get the best fish finder. If you’re going fishing you want to be able to share lots of “I caught this…” stories. And, since you would rather not have to exaggerate on the size of your catch, a fish finder can ensure you have an honest story to bring home to all your landscaping customers. Not to mention some great dinner potential.

Take a Break from Landscaping

Fishing Vacations You’ve Dreamed About

If landscaping and plant care is your one true love, we are glad you have been able to acquire the career you most desired. But now, it is time you take some of these fishing vacations you’ve dreamed about. The places on this list may, or may not be feasible, depending upon where you live and how much money you have saved. But, if you find one that seems like it’s the answer to all your fishing desires, start saving and make it a reality. Check out these uber cool places to go on a fishing vacation:

  1. Colorado River– It is time to fly fish. You know you want some trout.
  2. Bristol Bay– Salmon are calling your name as they migrate here.
  3. Big Horn River- Another amazing place to get your hooks on some trout.
  4. Baja California- The list of potential fishing trophies here is huge: mahi-mahi, bonefish, grouper, snapper, bass, yellowfin tuna, marlin, sailfish, and Wahoo.
  5. Green River- Two different kinds of trout populate this fishing experience. Learn more.
  6. Puerto Rico– The whole country is a fisherman’s dream. Be on the lookout for Dorado, Wahoo, and blue marlin.
  7. Bayous & Gulf– Redfish and billfish are back up in numbers since Hurricane Katrina. So, if you’ve a hankering for some downhome cooking, maybe a crawfish boil, head out to Louisiana.
  8. The Keys– Here’s your deep sea fishing fantasy. You can go all the way out into Caribbean waters when you hire a boat in the Keys. Read this.
  9. Kenai Peninsula– You might get to battle it out with some brown bears when you’re trying to grab up some rainbow trout, and a wide array of salmon species. Plus, there’s always halibut or char.
  10. Saskatchewan– Looking for some seriously huge Northern Pike? This is the place for you. And, you can also get a hold of walleye, Arctic Grayling, and lake trout.
  11. Homer– Not like Simpson, this is the locale for some of the most well-loved halibut. And, there’s even a local fishing derby between May and September.
  12. Hillsboro Inlet– Dolphin, swordfish, Wahoo, and sailfish are beckoning your fishing acumen. While you’re there, check out one of the oldest lighthouses in America.
  13. Langara Island– Between Alaska and Canada, this is the place for exceptional access to halibut and salmon. However, you should not miss the opportunity to see porpoises, sea lions and humpback whales, while you’re there. Click this for more information.

You might find some additional information about places to go on your fishing vacation, or at least the best gear to take with you, at OutdoorTricks. But surely, you’ve found a number of great options here.

Great Home Features to Bring the Outside In

If you spend a significant amount of time and attention on your landscaping, you likely want to enjoy it from more than your yard. Luckily, there are numerous ways to create spaces that help bring the beauty of your landscaping into your home. So, if you want to enjoy your garden from almost any room in your house, here are some design tips to get you started.

Glass and Your Doors

There are a wide variety of doors that include various amounts of glass. But, if you want to truly make your landscaping a part of your indoor décor, then you will want to choose options with larger panels. For example, consider exchanging a traditional door into your backyard for a glass slider. In fact, you can use a series of sliders across an entire wall length, essentially make the yard and the room a potentially continuous space.

For your front door, consider a frame that includes sidelights and transoms as well as having glass panel inset into the door itself. This can help you bring in additional light while also giving you some sightlines into your garden or yard.

Picture Windows

Picture windows can be an excellent choice when you want to feature a view without the distraction or choppiness that extra framing can create. Since the window is a large, full sheet of glass, you can create a high-impact focal point with ease. The only downside some people see is that picture windows don’t open. However, picture windows can be combined with windows that are designed to open, combining increased airflow with a spectacular view.

Great Home Features to Bring the Outside In

Bathroom Options

Most people believe their options for enjoying their outside spaces from their bathrooms are limited. However, if you create a portion of your landscaping to make the space surrounding the bathroom private, you can actually use larger windows without surrendering any privacy. Then, you can take it a step further. Fully framed shower screens in Perth provide all of the structural support you need while still having all of the visibility provided by glass. And, while having a shower with a view may be an untraditional choice, it can create an opportunity for a very rejuvenating experience.

Sunrooms and Screened Patios

For those who have some space to work with, creating a sunroom or screened porch can be a great method for creating a room with the benefits of being indoors, such as protection from the elements, while still enjoying full views of a beautiful yard. Often, these rooms are designed to extend into a garden, with three of the four walls providing sightlines into the garden or yard.

It is important to note that these spaces can create challenges in regards to temperature control. Sunrooms can be challenging to heat or cool during extreme cold or hot temperatures even if you have heating and air conditions. Screened patios can often be equipped with items like ceiling fans, but will still find more use in areas with more temperate climates.


While few established homes will have an atrium, if you are building a custom home, adding an atrium into the center of the living space can ideal for making a garden a focal point in a room while maintaining full privacy. If you do have the option to create such a space, it can be a unique feature any gardening enthusiast will certainly enjoy.

Elevate Your Landscaping with These Stylish Features

Maintaining a stylish front and backyard involves more than simply taking care of your grass. While having a healthy lawn is essential, you will need to invest more if you truly intend to make your landscaping a feature of your property. To help you determine which options may be best for your space, here are some of the more popular landscaping editions to consider.

Plants and Flowers

The most traditional approach to adding interest to your front and backyard is through the use of a variety of plants and flowers. Trees, shrubs, and small flowering plants can all add a level of interest while also providing color variety. Options can be chosen for purely aesthetic reasons, such as simply enjoying the color, as well as more functional purposes like providing additional sources of fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Integrating additional types of plants is often the simplest way to begin creating a more striking landscape design as they can be added one by one until the desired look is achieved. You can also choose options based on creating a rotating seasonal display that automatically shifts the focus throughout the year as different plants come in season.

Elevate Your Landscaping with These Stylish Features

Stone Features

Adding natural stone features is a great way to add texture and interest to your overall landscape design. There are numerous options for adding stone to a space, ranging from integrating desert landscaping features to replace grassy areas to adding large boulders as focal points throughout the space.

For yards that use retaining walls to create level surfaces, consider using Mataka feature stone wall cladding in Perth. The stone can be purchased in various colors and shades, allowing you to create a feature that blends well with the current colors present within the space, including your home siding.

Fountains and Water Features

Fountains and other water features can be an excellent way to add interest to a space, and the sound of the flowing water can even be used to disguise unpleasant ambient noise that may be generated nearby. The sound of water can work as a form of white noise, essentially canceling the sounds associated with things like nearby roadways.

Often, fountains and water features are also designed to be visually interesting. In an otherwise sparse space, either can be added without taking up substantial real estate. This allows you to create a focal point easily while still maintaining a large portion of your yard for more functional purposes.

Fire Pit

A fire pit is a strong option for those who have more temperate or cooler climates but still want to be able to use the space for entertaining or family gatherings. Just like water features, adding a fire pit doesn’t mean sacrificing a large amount of room. It also creates a natural gathering point within larger spaces, helping groups come together more organically as the evening progresses into night.

In some cases, fire pits can be combined with water features to create a high-impact design that is appropriate at all times of the year.

If you have a particularly large space, you can choose to integrate a variety of features to create your ideal space. Combine looks to create a single point of interest or spread them out to create a sense of movement. Either way, you can easily create a space that you are sure to enjoy for years to come.

Reasons why you should invest in landscaping

Landscaping to some seems like a waste of money. To others it is an imperative addition to their new homes. The main reason for this is that your property value increases immensely and you also have the benefit of enjoying your beautifully crafted garden. It is said that your property value can go up by as much as 20% which is quite a bit to considerer. You might have to invest in high quality products once and get to enjoy the benefit later. Here are a few top reasons why landscaping is a good investment.

It has been statistically proven that landscaping sells your home faster. Many homeowners don’t pay much attention to their gardens or the backyard and that really doesn’t help with a new sale seeing that your first impression is what you see on the outside. People are easily attracted to a home with a beautifully landscaped garden. It is also a known fact that landscaping gets you that fetching price that you were looking for in the first place. Click here to take a look at some beautifully landscaped gardens.

Reasons why you should invest in landscaping

It is also a sign to potential buyers that you take pride in your home and that you take great care of the property that you are selling. Maintaining the plants, grass and patio will give these buyers a Birdseye view of your commitment and will give them the peace of mind that they are actually buying a good property even though they might be paying a large sum.

Your parties will be a greater success and you can proudly host barbecues in your landscape haven. Your guests will love admiring your garden and you will enjoy the praises as everyone just has a much better time in your backyard while you entertain. If you are looking to host a night with costumes and fun you can take a look at psychic source reviews to find information on some of the best psychics that will keep your guests enthralled and entertained as they learn about their future from some of the most reliable sources.

It is also great to see that landscaping adds more space to a small garden. There is nothing more therapeutic then spending an afternoon in your own beautiful garden while perhaps enjoying a cup of tea or a good book. You don’t want your front garden to be covered in shrubs. Having everything neatly planted and organized will be so much better and much more economical where space is concerned. Click here for some great small landscaping project ideas.

Landscaping also has a way to make your garden unique. Your garden won’t look anything like anyone else’s in your neighborhood. This is one of the main reasons why caring homeowners invest in this wonderful feature. You will love the fact that you might have plants and trees that no one else in your neighborhood might have. There are many options to choose from for your garden and you can get as creative as you would like.

Picking The Right Grass Seed for Your Garden

You may think that picking the right grass seed for your grass can be done in an easy manner. You may act impulsively and just purchase the first type of grass seed that you see. You should not act this way. When you choose the wrong grass, you may end up with something high maintenance. You will find yourself painstakingly making an effort to keep your grass alive when you could have settled for something that is easier to manage.

There are some people who choose to grow grass when they are already seedlings because there is a guarantee that they will grow better but if you are on a budget or you believe that you have a green thumb, purchasing the right grass seed can be a good option too.

Picking The Right Grass Seed for Your Garden

These are some of the things that you should do before you pick the right grass seed for your lawn:

  1. Check the current state of your soil.

Even if you pick the best grass seed depending on the usual climate of the place where you are from, the grass will still not grow well if you would plant it in soil with pH that is too low. A lot of grass grows when the soil is slightly acidic so check the pH balance of your soil before you purchase anything. You may have to hire a professional to do it for you and it will take a couple of weeks before you get the results but it would help you choose the right grass. When you think about it this way, it becomes worth it.

  1. Consider the amount of sun you normally get.

There are some places that normally get a lot of sun because the climate is agreeable but if you live in a place where the sun rarely shines or the place is normally cold, finding the right grass can be more complicated. Still, there are some cool season grass types that you can purchase ryegrass or red fescues.

  1. Get to think about the activities you will do on the grass.

Do you want to have grass that will be able to take a lot of wear and tear? If yes, then you can choose to have Kentucky Blue Grass. This is the type of grass that is normally used for some of the sports fields so you can tell that this can take a lot of beating and still grow properly. Just remember that grass that may self-mend may also require more care.

Now that you have the right details that will allow you to choose the right type of grass, you have to think about how you are going to design your lawn. You can get some Pallets for sale in Perth that you can use for your patio or for the shack that you are going to create in your very own garden. You will be amazed with how good this will look with the rest of your plants and of course, the grass that you choose when it grows.

Landscaping and Volunteerism

It might appear, initially, that landscaping and volunteerism have little in common with one another. And, we don’t blame you for being at least a little bit cynical about the connection. However, we would like to present to you some things for consideration before you make a comprehensive value judgment on our title.

Landscaping can be utilized in the realm of volunteerism. Of course, there are a number of other great things you can do for people. And, if you want to travel to do them, Rustic Pathways is a great resource for your multi-functional traveling goals. They can help you find great volunteer opportunities in places you have longed to explore. Maybe, just maybe, those volunteer opportunities will include landscaping options for assisting the elderly.

Landscaping and Volunteerism

Ideas for Environmental Volunteerism

It is no surprise that maintaining a healthy lawn helps the environment. Keeping weeds and pests under control helps beautify our neighborhoods and keeps our pets and children safe. So, when you are looking for ways to impact the environment that will utilize your landscaping skills, the suggestions that follow should help you attain that goal. Here are our ideas for environmental volunteerism:

  • Plant a neighborhood garden, or some fruit trees, that provide for everyone in the area, including the elderly who have less access to healthy fruits and vegetables. Learn more.
  • Initiate a seed or plant exchange. That way everyone can try out different plants to see which ones grow best for them. This will cut back on the expenditure of trying to plant your own hedges and ornamentals.
  • Convince people in the area to grow flowers. Then, cut the flowers as a means of bringing a smile to the face of someone nearby who is hurting.
  • Construct bird feeders and encourage the people around you to do so as well. Birds are great pest destroyers and they offer a remarkable sense of beauty.
  • Design a wildlife habitat in the area you are visiting. Offer it as a tranquil place to visit for people and animals alike.
  • Begin a butterfly garden as a means of helping pollinate the plants you have installed. Read more
  • Educate children about the value of landscaping and nature by developing a nature area for them that labels the plants and other things they can expect to see while visiting.
  • Develop a volunteer lawn mowing service with members of the community so that shut-ins and people with other disabilities can still enjoy the nicety of a properly maintained lawn.
  • Try to save any tree that you think might be in danger. Water it and pamper it as best you can to give it a fighting chance.
  • Consider starting a compost pile in the area to reduce the necessity for chemical fertilizers thereby healing the grounds around you.
  • Plant trees whenever and wherever you can. The planet is in desperate need of more trees given our propensity for cutting them down as we seek out our own selfish desires. Read this.
  • Eliminate litter that might be scattered around the area. This is especially important before you mow so that the lawnmower doesn’t create an even bigger mess as it hits discarded paper and things.

Keeping the environment clean and healthy is an important part of our existence on this planet. That means we can utilize our travel opportunities as a means to clean up the places we visit. Do not hesitate to utilize Rustic Pathways as a resource for locating places that need your landscaping volunteerism. You can make a difference.